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Las Vegas is your one stop around the world. Everything you could ever need or want to see within a 5 mile radius. A romantic evening by the Eiffel tower? Vegas has it. Gliding down the Grand Canal in an authentic Venetian Gondola? Vegas has it. Want to admire the Great Pyramid and Sphinx? You guessed it, Vegas has it. Egypt and Vegas are built in the desert anyhow, you’ll feel like you’re there!

You will get a taste of the places on display around the world in Vegas. The architects did a wonderful job replicating all of the monuments, and you have to give them credit for putting together a city that truly amazes. Vegas doesn’t inspire awe and wonder that one gets from visiting all of the cities around the world below, but it does excite the senses and it is worth seeing once. A cool stop at this little city in the heart of the Nevada Dessert.

TripBlock has build you an itinerary for you to visit all of the wonderful replicas of the world. Great photo opportunities all in one city!

Bonjour from France!

You’ll find all things Paris at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel-Casino. The Paris Hotel itself is heavily themed with French architecture, French restaurants and bars, and even street signs in French! A more camera friendly structure is the Eiffel Tower at nearly 500 feet tall, it is one of the largest replicas across the U.S. For the full Eiffel Tower experience, tickets for the lift takes you to a 360 degree deck with views of Nevada’s very own city of lights. Next to that you will find an Arc De Triomphe replica that is two-thirds the size of it’s Parisian cousin.

Ciao Italia!

Two Italian themed hotels border the Vegas Grand Canal. The Venetian Resort Hotel and The Palazzo Resort Hotel. Fun Fact, The Palazzo Hotel is the largest hotel in the United States! With Grand Canal shops, gondola rides in authentic venetian boats and gondoliers. St. Marks Square brings you history and architecture from one of the most famous area in Venice. Not to mention one of the most iconic landmarks of The Venetian Las Vegas (and Venice, IT), The Campanile Tower.
Find yourself traveling back in time to ancient Rome! Caesar’s Palace is a roman themed complete with columns, scrolls, and a replica of the ancient Colosseum where you can catch a Vegas show.

The Little Big Apple!

At New York-New York Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, the ambience of the Big Apple meets the busiest intersection of the Las Vegas Strip. With several towers built to resemble the New York skyline. You’ll find Lady Liberty greeting you as you plummet down the roller coaster at New York-New York Hotel.

Fit for a Pharaoh!

The unique Luxor Resort & Casino Hotel brings Egypt to Las Vegas. You have your option in staying in the tower rooms or in the sleek pyramid! One of the more budget friendly “destination” hotels and quite a unique one at that. You’ll feel like Egyptian royalty walking along the row of lions with a great sphinx overhead.

All Hail the King and Queen!

Time jump to the Renaissance period where dragons exist and enter the Excalibur Hotel Casino, or should we say castle? Always a favorite among children, the Excalibur Hotel has a fun castle design. Find yourself at dinner with a show at the Tournament of Kings! Adapted from the tale of King Arthur, this live-action production takes place in a 900-seat theater-in-the-round arena and immerses the audience in a tale of valor and treachery. While knights fight, guests feast on a hearty three-course meal using the original utensil – their hands.

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